Best Ways to Sell Your Old Car

Selling a used car yourself may take lot of efforts but disposing your old vehicle through authorized used car dealerships may seem to be the most convenient way.

Authorized used car dealers promote hassle-free transactions and allow you to sell your old cars or may be exchange it for a new purchase. But these cannot prove to be lucrative financially.

When selling you car on your own, there are chances of you getting 15 percent higher value that may increase depending on the model and the brand our old car belongs to. But when selling your car to dealers, they keep huge margins leaving enough pricing room for them to service, recondition or repair the vehicle and yet earn a profit.

Dealers will obviously take their cut from the sellers and at times from the buyers. On the other hand, there are free classified sites that can surely get you a better price for the same car.

Here you dont have to pay extra to the dealers and tolerate their tantrums. Free classifieds are however the fast and convenient way to sell old car. For this, you just have to post free ads on khojle free classified and get potential buyers with ease.

If you still are not convinced, here are some tips to ensure that the sell-it-yourself strategy is successful and lucrative too in terms of price.

• Firstly find out the exact worth of your old car for sale. Take an idea from some auto websites and portals and also, you can talk to a couple of dealers to set the exact price of the car.

• To get good price for old car, do some homework on its looks. Make your car more attractive and appealing. A new battery, tyres with enough treads left, good exterior and interior conditions, etc, enhance the value of the vehicle.

• After pepping up your vehicle and deciding on its actual worth, choose your advertising strategy. Used internet for cost effective and eye catching sale. You can also try social networking sites like Facebook, twitter to advertise your car. Few online webistes may charge you for posting ad on it but free classifieds are the convenient way to sell old car and that too without spending single money on advertising. (Amazing isnt it?)

• Keep the paperwork such as ownership documents, valid insurance, etc, of your car ready with you. You can even scan these and make soft copies which can be mailed to potential buyers.

• Before you hand over the car and the keys, make sure you have received the full payment. Ask the buyer to pay either in cash or give a demand draft. If the payment is through a bank cheque, do not transfer the documents till the cheque gets cleared.

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