Why An Estate Car Is Best For Your Business

Any business, whether it’s a local firm or a huge multinational, needs good transport options. You need to be able to move people and goods around. You can keep yourself connected to all four corners of the globe thanks to technology. Indeed, the world is more interconnected than ever before, and that applies to business too.

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Sometimes, the Internet just isn’t enough. You need to get your staff from place to place Skype can’t cut it all the time. It’s more professional to have your staff conduct business in person. That’s how you show your clients that you value their custom. It’s all about giving your clients a great first impression. Down the line, you need to maintain that initial positivity. There’s no point in conducting your second meeting with a customer on the phone. Company cars show your clients that you care about how your staff look.

With that in mind, you’ll be considering the best car for your needs. Company owners often imagine that hatchbacks or superminis are best for business use. That’s because they’re small, cheap and easy to run. These things are all true, but that doesn’t mean that small cars make good company cars. For one thing, a small car doesn’t give off a great impression. You don’t want your staff turning up at meetings looking like they’ve just passed their tests. Another thing to consider is the viability of buying company cars in any case. Company cars are essential, but there’s no need to buy them outright. You can save a lot of money by leasing your company cars. These benefits are most obvious for small and medium-sized businesses. You save money on the initial price. You’re not liable for any vehicle maintenance. You can be more flexible according to your vehicle needs. Leasing is the best option for any company that’s looking to expand their fleet of cars.

If you’re leasing instead of buying, you can afford to use a better class of vehicle. The best kind of car for a company is an estate. They’re spacious and sleek, combining practical concerns with style and a good first impression. They are the cars of business, and they show the client that you’re a serious player. An estate car is more comfortable for your staff; they will arrive at their meetings feeling refreshed and relaxed. They have the space to transport goods and other people. That means you can use them to take products or company representatives around the country with ease. What’s more, they’re often built to a better standard than their smaller alternatives. That’s reassuring for anyone using these vehicles on a long term basis. There are many great estate models available to lease. We recommend the Volkswagen Passat as a good starting point. Take a look at the offers on Listers.co.uk for more information.


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An estate car makes your business look good. It makes your staff feel comfortable. It helps you get people and products around with ease. If you choose to lease one, you can save a fortune. There aren’t any drawbacks to an estate for company use. Make the right choice your business depends upon it.

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