Great Cars For Your Midlife Crisis

What do you do when you hit middle age? That special time in your life when you realise that your teenage years and even your twenties are long behind you. Most people panic and start trying to reclaim their youth. The classical ways to do this are to hook up with someone younger or buy a sports car. Our advice is to go with the sports car. It might still depreciate, but it wont take half your money in an inevitable future divorce. The question you’re now asking yourself is which car should you buy? Don’t worry; we’ve got some fantastic ideas.

Lexus RC Coupe


Flickr Picture

What can we tell you about this car? Well, it looks stunning, and if you’re searching for attention, you’re sure to get it with this machine. It’s going to look fantastic on your driveway. With a sleek and slick style that oozes appeal. This car could have been sculpted by the Gods themselves with gorgeous curves and a smooth finish. It might look like your typical sports car but under the hood, it packs a punch.

This Lexus can give you the thrilling ride you desire and yes, it will make you feel young again. As you’re racing down the highway, you can even blast your favourite, outdated tunes from a Mark Levinson surround audio system. It will take you from 0-60 in 7.5 seconds, and that is absurdly fast. Particularly, for a car that only costs 30 grand. If you don’t believe us, you can find it on sale from companies like Currie Motors. They specialise in Lexus cars and have all the info you need.

Most mid-life crisis car purchases are stupid. We are pleased to say this is anything but. The car is practical, affordable, super fast and packed full of tech. You don’t even need to read the rest of our recommendations; this is the right choice. Of course, there is no harm in a few comparisons.

Jaguar XF


Courtesy Of Flickr

Maybe you want to go for something a little more classical than the Lexus. If that’s the case, we would like to present the Jaguar XF. Now, right away you’ll notice this car is more expensive than the Lexus. Does that make it the crazier choice? Actually, no because with a Jaguar there is always the potential that it will one day be heralded as a classic. Besides, if you’re going to have a breakdown, you might as well do it in style. There’s no better choice for that than the Jaguar.

At 46,000 it is going to take quite a lot of your retirement fund. There is no doubt about that, but the car is a luxurious item and an ostentatious wonder to behold. If you drive around in one of these, you’re telling people that you have money to burn. Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter.

The big question is, is it fun to drive? The answer is a resounding yes. It’s got more power than the Lexus, and that means you can take more risk. With the extra money spent, you also get a better performance. Although don’t expect this one to save you on fuel, it won’t.

Porsche 911



Remember bad boys? It was a young, stylish and sexy Will Smith driving around in the Porsche. Look at typical Porsche owners. Young and sexy would not be the words you used to describe them. They are often balding middle aged men with no hope of ever regaining their six pack. There’s a reason for this. Porsche’s are quite expensive, and it can take years to save the money to buy one. That’s why it’s the typical choice for a midlife crisis car.

No true petrolhead could ever claim Porsche’s are not fun to drive. They are. Driving a Porsche will leave you with a feeling in your trousers that you haven’t fully appreciated since you hit 40. Porsche’s can reach top speeds of 150mph, and that feels supersonic.

The 911 is the best choice because it is an atypical sports car. Very few people won’t recognise it when they see it.

Range Rover Evoque


Image Via Flickr

Finally, for something completely different you could buy a Range Rover Evoque. Slower than the Porsche, with a top speed of 120mph, they are still great fun on the roads. They look fantastic too and if you want to treat yourself, buy a convertible. You can have fun, fast sports car and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get a girl for each of the seats.


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