The Importance Of Maintaining Your Cars Air Conditioning System

Most modern cars produced these days come with air conditioning as standard, with some even featuring climate control. Air conditioning was often snubbed by motorists for years as a feature that only affluent car owners could afford, yet these days it is becoming an increasingly relied-upon one.

Apart from helping you to stay cool during those hot, summer days, there are also many health benefits to using air conditioning in cars. If your car features an air conditioning system as standard, you must keep it regularly maintained.


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In today’s blog post, I will tell why you need to make air conditioning maintenance as important as servicing!

Air conditioning gas leaks over time

Due to the way your car’s air conditioning system works, it is perfectly normal for some gases to escape or reduce in volume over time. The trouble is if you never get your air conditioning system “regassed” (i.e. topped up with gas), it will become inefficient.

Regular air conditioning servicing can detect problems

Although all air conditioning systems lose a bit of gas over time, some systems can lose significantly more than others. In those cases, this usually indicates a problem somewhere such as a failed seal or corroded pipe somewhere.

During an air conditioning service, one of the things that engineers will check is how much pressure is within the system. They will also add a dye that will help them to locate the source of any major leaks; this is because air conditioning gas is colourless.

Air conditioning is good for asthma sufferers

As an asthma sufferer myself, I can often notice a change to my breathing if I am in a car that has a well-maintained air conditioning system.

Because of the filtration that occurs with air conditioning, the fans inside the car are unlikely to blow any dust particles into the air if the system has been serviced when it is meant to be. Also, things like blocked or dirty pollen filters can also exacerbate the symptoms of poorly-maintained air conditioning systems.

Top tips for keeping your car’s air conditioning in good working order

As a car owner, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your car’s air conditioning system is running in tip-top condition. They are as follows:

  • Use it regularly many people are under the illusion that not using the air conditioning in their cars will keep the system in good working order. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth! According to Jim from, the rubber seals inside of the air conditioning can break down because they are not lubricated properly (the lubrication only occurs when the system is in use);

  • Get it serviced regularly I recommend getting your car mechanic to check your air conditioning system every time you book your car in for a service. At a minimum your car will need a regas;

  • Clean your car in particular your interior. That will stop any dust particles that could worsen your breathing.

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