According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, about one million vehicles are stolen every year in the United Statesâ€thats an automobile theft every 33 seconds. Insurers and crime prevention advocates generally recommend that individuals make sure to employ several layers of vehicle protection in order to keep the risk of theft to a minimum. Suggested measures range from common sense advice like locking doors, rolling up windows and parking in well-lit areas, to installation of advanced car alarm systems that are capable of a wide range of theft-prevention functions.


A New Era of Alarm Security

Modern car security systems have come a long way from simply sounding an alarm and keeping doors locked. In addition to sophisticated multi-functional alarms, you will find features like remote start, keyless entry, dual zone shock sensors and nuisance prevention, starter kill settings to prevent hot-wiring, and easy-to read LCD displays that provide rapid communication with vehicle systems. While newer automobiles often come with pre-installed security features, many systems can also be easily installed in vehicles aftermarket, making it possible for modern car owners to enhance security on many different models and makes.


Modern Security System Features

From preventing theft to ensuring personal safety, modern car alarm systems cover a range of specialized functions. Automatic Engine Disable (AED) protects the vehicle against theft, whether the alarm is armed or not. When AED is enabled the automobiles starter is automatically disabled (shortly after the ignition is turned off) and will only be able to start again when disarmed using the system transmitter. Starter kill settings prevent ignition attempts through hot-wiring, ensuring that unauthorized users cannot operate the vehicle once this setting is armedâ€even if they have a key. Keyless entry systems eliminate the need to fumble for keys in the dark, allowing users to quickly enter the vehicle. In combination with remote start functions that allow users to enable automobile functions at a distance, modern security options make it simpler than ever to get back on the road quickly, comfortably, and safely.


Alarm systems have also become much more sophisticated, with nuisance prevention circuitry and passive arming capabilities. Nuisance prevention components are able to adjust to environmental conditions such as construction noise, airport parking lots, or thunder, minimizing false alarms wherever the automobile is parked. Passive arming settings allow the security system to automatically activate shortly after the driver leaves the vehicleused in conjunction with power windows and door locks this feature provides full automobile security.


Whether your top concern is vehicle theft or personal safety, installing an advanced car alarm system is key to keeping your automobile and loved ones safe in any circumstance

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